Get Support

St. Andrew's is a safe place to get support.
Inclusion, compassion, community, and standing for justice are who we are.

Sunday Service

Sunday mornings are a time to come together in community; to reflect, pray, listen, sing, and practice together. Everyone is welcome as they are. 

When we are together, we support each other and lift each other up. 
When we sing and make a joyful noise, our hearts and being relax. 
When we connect with God, Creator, the Holy One, we find peace.

Sunday morning at 10:30am, in person and online. Find our online services here.

Sunday Suppers

Weekly free hot meal and basic needs support for anyone facing food scarcity. 
Sunday drop-in 4-5:30pm at the Coburg Rd entrance (double glass doors).  

Sunday Suppers is currently offering a hybrid model, welcoming guests into the space for a sitdown supper time with community, while continuing to offer takeaway meals to those who do not wish to come inside.
 Pre-registration or ID is not required.

Email us for more information. 

Benevolent Support

Please note: We are in the process of redeveloping our Benevolent Support Program. Emergency funds are not available.

We offer support with small food hampers, warm outerwear, and personal care items from supplies onsite. There are also a limited number of gift cards available on a first come, first serve basis, as supplies last.

Email us or text/call 902-405-3163 for more information and to arrange to pick up a food hamper, other supplies, or a gift card.

Benevolent Support is not a crisis program. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call 211 for resource support or  1-888-429-8167 for a mental health emergency.