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Heather Kelday with Tide & Timbre
January 30, 2023 - 7:30pm
Tickets $15

Heather Kelday
Considered a blend of folk-roots, blues and bluegrass, Heather Kelday writes in the creative spirit of indie-pop music, while rooting her songs in folk melodies. Heather’s strong voice, multi-instrumental talents (including banjo, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin and piano), and lyrical passion for the natural world carve a unique place for her in Canada’s music scene.

Tide & Timbre
Making their living on the water and in the lumber industry, these two brothers from Digby Co, Nova Scotia, have been busy playing shows since the release of their debut EP “Light it up and Run” (2016). With another EP on the way they’re excited to see what lies ahead!

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Kylie Fox with Kye Clayton
February 27, 2023 - 7:30pm
Tickets $15

Kylie Fox
Alt-folk Canadiana artist Kylie Fox from New Brunswick spins stories of rolling prairies and the North-Western woods, of hometown fables and flames, and of the clumsy dichotomy of youth and adulthood in sophisticated webs of cynicism, beauty and wit. The gentle, honey-toast timbre of her voice is also rich with power and direction, lending to a performance as honest and compelling as her poetry.

Kye Clayton
Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Kye Clayton is a jack of all trades; singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, and sound engineer. Kye aspires to help people reach self-awareness within their lifetime.

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Isabella Samson with Factory Girls
March 13, 2023 - 7:30pm
Tickets $15

Isabella Samson
Isabella Samson is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Nova Scotia and winner of the 2022 Canadian Folk Music Award for Young Performer of the Year. A pop/folk sound, Isabella’s debut album, “If It’s Not Forever”, contains the sweeping vocals and catchy melodies that she has become known for. Her controlled sound, as well as her ability to adapt to diverse genres of music, never fails to capture and entertain her crowd.

Factory Girls
Factory Girls is an Appalachian folk duo that brings the warmth of a vocal firelight with songs to soothe and disturb.

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Kim Joy Lake with The Flakes
April 3, 2023 - 7:30pm
Tickets $15

Kim Joy Lake
Newly emerging on the Nova Scotia music scene, Kim Joy Lake released her debut album, Flesh and Bone, in January of 2021. Drawing from an eclectic background, her alt-folk songs are catchy and contemplative, inviting listeners to pause and reflect on the threads tying us all together.

The Flakes
Formed in 2017, The Flakes are a four-piece alternative rock band from Halifax, with an energetic live show and copious amounts of style. The band has been lauded for their catchy melodies and unique application of genre across their music.

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Past Concerts

Elyse Aeryn with Persephone
September 19, 2022 - 7:30pm

Elyse Aeryn
Influenced by the rock classics while capturing the essence of 90s female vocalists, Elyse Aeryn is blending the decades to mix up an alt-country-rock cocktail that will have you asking for a double.

Persephone is a four-piece indie rock outfit from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Forever in a catwalk between lustful heartache and fiery disposition, Persephone's music leaves the listener feeling both broken and captivated in excitement.

Check them out here.

Arsoniste with Safeword
November 28, 2022 - 7:30pm

Influenced by 2000's alt-rock, acoustic R&B, and classical music, Arsoniste is a producer-songwriter from Halifax, NS. Vulnerable and fierce, with notes of early Coldplay, Radiohead, Daughter and Sylvan Esso, Arsoniste's sound ranges from minimalist ballads to full orchestral pop.

Safeword is basement music therapy for four friends from Dartmouth and Halifax, bringing honest, often danceable indie pop-rock to your ears.

Check them out here.